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Not much happened in the last few days, honestly. I just proceeded to continue watching Kingdom Hearts, as I don't have all the gaming platforms to play it on. I'm almost done the 3DS version though! ^^ I've also been slacking off on my anime watching, haha. I just caught up with the series I needed, but didn't get a chance to continue Maid-sama. I think I'll do that a bit today. I've watched the Loveless specials and I feel like re-watching the whole series again... but I won't do it. XD

I'm excited for today's tea of the day at David's Tea! :3 I have to go get it in a few hours, so I better get off my lazy bum.

And for today's Fanart appreciation post:

♥Clicky for some Loveless! ~♥Collapse )

Hello there everyone! It's nice to meet you! This blog will mostly be used for ranting and talking about the fandoms I love. :) I'm into the stuff, like yaoi. I love to draw, but I'm honestly not the best. What I do enjoy though, is writing. Request any kind of fanfiction from  a series I know about and like and you're going to get yourself a story! I don't mind, just comment below! ^^

Gawd, summer break is find up to now. Going to Universal/Disney in exactly a month, I can't wait! Sadly, I've got to babysit during lots of the days though. :/ It's the only way I'll be able to gain enough money to buy that new laptop I've been yearning for.

And, I love the David's tea summer offer. Bought that cup and I save 2$ each time I go get myself the tea of the day. xP Amazing! I'm such a tea whore...

I'm also currently playing the 3D Kingdom Hearts. I had played a few of the earlier games, but now I'm really into it. Sadly, I can't buy all the old ones since I don't have all the right gaming consoles... but not to fear! My goal is to watch all the gameplays for the ones I can't get my hands on. ^^

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